My Mission

Dear Health Lovers,

My life-long wish is to inspire people from all walks of life to live healthier, more creative, and spiritual lives. Geranium Smiles is a name of my healing practice and an educational resource for anything and everything related to health, creativity, and spirituality.

The Geranium Smiles website and the facebook page will be places where I share posts with tools, tips, recipes, pictures, videos, writings, poetry, music, art, quotes and much more, for your inspiration and motivation.

Professionally, I help people heal their bodies, unleash their creativity, improve their lifestyle, and empower themselves through art, writing, yoga, dance, music, astrology, and much more.

The main focus of my practice is healing the body naturally through detoxification and regeneration. I believe that everyone can heal with simple yet powerful gifts of nature. There is no such thing as disease – ailments come about when we are physically, mentally, or emotionally out of balance. What we eat and drink, what we are doing with our lives, what people we have relationships with, what kind of environment we live in, the way we think and feel, play major roles in the appearance of these bodily ailments. The simplest way to start our journey to optimal health is detoxifying and regenerating our bodies through proper diet and lifestyle. In the process of detoxing, all the other unhealthy attachments will naturally fall away as we continue to gravitate toward balance and alignment.

Through embracing raw food, herbs, fasting, using Iridology (iris readings) as a guide, and encouraging positive lifestyle adjustments, I help my clients turn around any bodily ailments once and for all. When we stop suffering physically, we can then have the energy, motivation, and enthusiasm to develop ourselves in a bigger way. I also believe that by embracing spirituality and creativity, doing what makes us happy, finding our purpose, and loving from the heart, we all can live a healthy and joyful life.

I cannot help my clients heal without their full engagement and desire to heal; I am a guide for people to heal themselves. All of us have the power to heal ourselves once motivated to do so.

If you would like guidance on your health journey, please take a look at my healing services and let me know if you are interested in having me as your guide ( I also have many other exciting service offers!*

Thank you so much for supporting Geranium Smiles!

With Great Love,
Sebila Kratovac

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